#1 – The History. The Reason.



Take your time to enjoy our very first blog post.

We are Dekade Time, the home of designers’ idea dedicated to elevates ordinary objects become an exclusive item by turning a daily essential item into a simple yet elegant design piece with ultimate quality, a lot of creativity, and craftsmanship.

Dekade Time was created out of an observation that the founders had back when the three of them loved to take the photograph of collections of their wristwatches. They thought it would be better if the object were their own brand. Started from the scratch, a great observation and stay hungry for knowledge about making wristwatches, they started making their own brand.

First, they noticed that there are only a few brands in Bandung that have specifically produced well designed and good quality material of stainless steel watches.

Second, comes the name of the brand: they wanted their brand to be something that mentioning any Indonesian words but still can be great to be marketed in a worldwide. ‘dekade’ comes because they thought it has a good of meaning. Adding the ‘time’ on it to strengthen their image as wristwatch company. That combination is henceforth known as Dekade Time. They want Dekade Time to be accepted and become a part of many people across various communities as a link that holds them together. So it can live and thrives amongst its people.

We just like every watch brand in the World. We want to give our best to serve your daily basis, fashion, even when you’re at your best or worst place wherever you are. Dekade Time start all of this with a strong belief that we can make something to everyone around us. With some of the people start this because of the money they want to get, Dekade Time wants to give more than that. We want to give you something to inherit. To make a heritage that we can give to our legacy.

You sure remember when we at school, or even now. We have something from our grandparents. Like granddad’s watch from youth or Grandma’s sweater.
We want to be the part of your family legacy. That is why we chose the simple and timeless design to our timepiece. After a long time we try to learn about the watch, finally, we knew that timepiece not only to show what time is it but also to show your moment and memories, starting from when you bought it, what causes the first dent on your timepiece, what made it crack. Every inch of it can make you remember the best or worst moment in your life.

We are Dekade Time, ready to show you not only time but also history.



– Dekade Time